well if you REALLY liked anime you’d get a custom horn for your car that played the entire opening to neon genesis evangelion every time you honked, fucking poser

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CDJournal2014年 8月号 (CDジャーナル)



it’s 2014 why do boys still think girls like the smell of axe

idk bout u but i love the smell of an axe in my hands. smells like wood polish and cold iron. smells like power and fear. 




You actually don’t even have to introduce yourself if you don’t want to, i don’t need an a/s/l, we don’t have to do the “hey whats up” “not much you?” thing, you can just say “so at school yesterday this idiot said…” in my ask box and I will gladly converse with you. Like seriously I will just talk to you like we’re best friends.

yeah this is definitely preferable actually